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 My name is Tommy. I am 2 years-old dog from Yerevan/ Armenia. When I was still a small puppy I remember I had a family, a loving family. I was 5 months old when we were preparing for the Christmas, I remember there were many colorful lights at home, and my owner was decorating the house. One evening as usual we went out for a walk with my owner, however this time with his car. “WOW” I thought “We are going shopping together “. Suddenly the window of the car opened and I felt the harsh wind blowing. I felt the warm hands of my human owner and the feeling of warmness and security covered me, however, suddenly I was out of the car, alone. I started barking so that the Human could hear me as I was sure it happened suddenly, he did not mean to leave me alone, we had shopping for Christmas…

 The car went and I could feel a pain in my leg, as I felt on them. It was really cold outside, people were in chaotic movement, when it would be dark, and the cold was getting harsher. My owner did not come and I was starving without food. I could not change my place, as my leg was hurting. Another cold evening came and I was trying to hide less than one of the cars when I saw a lady approaching me. She hugged me and at some point I stopped shivering. I could feel her heart-beat. We went to a doctor, who helped me with my leg. Now I am vaccinated, neutered and I am no longer limping, well sometime, you will not even notice.

 I lost my human before Christmas, however I found a loving and caring foster parent who did not leave me alone for the Christmas Eve. Now I live in a small shelter with many friends. The foster lady always visits me and brings many presents. I am really happy now, as I have many friends, I get good food and they always take me for a walk. However, I want to be a part of the family, where I can be in the center of attention.  It makes me sad to think that I will leave my friends and the foster lady here; however I am sure I will make many friends in my new neighborhood as well. I am currently 2 years old Tommy, who is sociable and receptive. I am 16 kg as I am getting good food.

 Hopefully I will be decorating the Christmas tree with my new family for 2020. I promise to behave well and to give an unconditional love.



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