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 My name is Linda. I am 2 years-old dog from Yerevan/ Armenia. When I was still a small puppy I had a loving friend, who was my family. I remember we used to have quite good time together by going to long walks and playing. He was being quite sad sometimes, most probably because of the problems that people are quite often having. One day he was making his luggage and I understood that he was leaving. He was leaving not for a vacation, as I could see him crying. A lady, who was one of my friend’s friends, took me with her. My friend hugged me; he hugged me so tight that I could feel that it was going to be the last time.

 I left the home with the girl, who took me to a place where there were many dogs like me. Everyone had his unique story, so I made friends quite fast. The girl visits me quite often in the shelter and brings me some sweets which I usually share with my friends.  It is not bad in the shelter however I do miss the home atmosphere where my owner would come in the evening and I would lie on his knees and watch his favorite TV show or the film. We are playing here with my friends and spend good time here. I am now more active as I run often during the day. The food is not as good as my friend used to give me, however it is not bad as well. I am already used to it. I am now 18kg which is not bad, I am a fit girl

 I have got all the necessary vaccinations and I am spayed as well. I am active and quite receptive girl, who needs a home for being a part of the family. I promise to behave well and not to create a mess, moreover I can help you with housework as well J I was alone this Christmas and will be alone this Valentine day so take me to you, please, and lets color our lives together.



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